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Training dummy/Rescue scoop


Dacon Rescue Dummy




Realistic training dummy, to be used by

- Offshore

- Polise

-Coast guard



- Maritim education






Robust design - PVC cover


Couplings in stanless steel

Max weight: 90 kg (filled with water)

Transport weight: 22 kg

Heigh: 190 cm

Dacon Rescue Scoop



Collectsystem for crane's on rescue- and supply ships.

Approved by UKOOA & NMD.















Dacon Rescue Scoop


Offshore Models:

Model RSA 700 RSA 600 RSA 500
Length 7m 6m 5m
Deepth 6-10m 6-10m 6-10m
weigt 450kg 400kg 350kg
Reach 4-6m 4-5m 4-5m